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Photo Gallery

A Photo Gallery of KJ Johnston Projects

Below are links for our gallery of photos. Right now there are two categories. As we continue to add photo content, new categories and subcategories will appear.

We’re going through our photo archives to find shots that show our very wide range and experience in all facets of building construction: residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, apartments, healthcare, education, etc. You name an industry segment, we have construction experience with it. Including high-clearance government and military work. Over the past 37 years we’ve covered a lot of ground in a lot of industries.

That being said, our photo gallery right now is a simple beginning, but it will grow exponentially in the near future. If you have photos of any of our projects, please send them to us. We’ll consider them for use here. 🙂

And we hope you like the new web site.

KJJ Construction Photo Galleries:

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–The K.J. Johnston staff