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retail_comm_sliderK.J. Johnston Construction Services

Established in 1978, K.J. Johnston, Ltd. provides quality construction services to the Greater Pittsburgh and surrounding area. As general contractors, we specialize in renovation and repair of residential, multi-family, commercial and retail properties.

We understand that each project is unique and your vision is more than just brick and mortar. We listen and take the time to understand your needs so we can provide you with long-lasting value.

Our broad range of products and services allows our clients more options to fulfill their requests. Whether our customers need an addition, would like to add curb appeal to their homes or businesses or their managed properties overhauled, our experienced staff is ready to help.

We’d love to hear about your project needs. Feel free to call us at (412) 761-7073 or drop us a line.

After 37 years in the construction industry, we’ve completed practically every type of construction project out there. So instead of hitting you with a monstrous list of capabilities, we’ve simplified our services into the following basic categories.

The point we’d like to drive home is that if it needs constructed, we have experience with it. Whether residential, commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality, health care, governmental, military or municipal construction, K.J. Johnston Ltd. has the experience you require for superb project completion. After 37 years we have built one hell of a powerful network of construction professionals to choose from. Everyone we work with is as qualified as we are.

And we partner up with the best subcontractors around. If you’d like to be considered as one of our subcontractors, please see our sub & vendor page.

spec_factory_slider_540x210General Contracting

General Contracting has become the core competency of K.J. Johnston Ltd. After being in business for nearly 40 years, we understand what is necessary in an environment that has constantly changing deliverables, and ever changing conditions.

We are fully prepared and totally capable to perform both commercial and residential construction services including site work, excavation, retaining walls, framing, carpentry, insulation, drywall finishing, casework, all ceiling types, windows, siding, soffit and fascia work, roofing plumbing repairs and installation, concrete work, A.D.A. compliance, and many other types of construction work. While these services are the most common General Contracting services we offer in house, you can always have a discussion with our project managers to figure out the most appropriate solutions. In addition to the services we regularly provide, we are able to provide almost any construction solution through our expansive network of subcontractors.

constr-mgt_sliderConstruction Management

K.J. Johnston’s project management team works closely together from the inception to the end of the project, ensuring that every one of our clients’ needs is met. We maintain a staff of professional and experienced managers and administrators who work out of our Pittsburgh office to provide timely, accurate, and thorough overseeing of each one of our ongoing projects. Our administrative staff ensures that all purchasing and scheduling is well regulated so that every project goes as smoothly as possible, and our team members are well equipped to handle any situation that may arise in the field. Our managers and safety officers regularly visit every job site and maintain constant contact with all current and past clients to guarantee that needs are being met.

design-build_slider2-540x210Design Build

K.J. Johnston Ltd. is dedicated to providing the finest and most tailored experience possible. Our team will work closely with both the client and the architect to create a quality product that will satisfy every need. The Design Build process makes certain that our client is able to collaborate with us in the early stages of the project and make it so that, from start to finish, they have been involved to ensure that they are getting exactly what they want. Our company carefully reviews every document from building specifications to blueprints and spends hours to make sure that every aspect is accounted for. Our experience working with architects and clients throughout the tristate area is a way for us to leverage our past practices and not only maintain but improve upon our capabilities.

speccialty_slider-540x210Specialty Repairs to Operable Facilities

In addition to the general contracting services that we provide, we also provide support services to a variety of organizations. We are able to offer several specialty repairs to facilities that are both operable and inoperable. We are able to handle flood cleanup, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs and installations, refrigeration installations, and many more services. Please contact us for more information or an inquiry as to whether or not we are able to fulfil your needs.

To deliver results, you need a dedicated and talented staff. That’s why KJJ only employs seasoned project managers, field supervisors and experienced contractors ready and prepared for any situation. If you’re looking to team up with KJJ, click here if you’re interested in becoming a vendor or subcontractor or click here if you’re looking for employment.

Thank you!

–the KJJ staff