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K.J. Johnston, Ltd. has teamed up with national and local construction industry leading companies. Our strategic partnerships enable us to bring you quality and affordability while producing superior results, on-time and on-budget.

Suppliers & Partners

Our Commitment to Our Subcontractors

As a small business ourselves, we look to expand our network of small businesses to allow for us to create the most competitive bid while providing top of the line service to our customers. In particular, our initiative to commit more subcontracted work to Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and Women Business Enterprises (WBE) is undergoing rapid expansion to ensure that equal opportunity is afforded to all businesses and owner operators.

Our commitment to small businesses is not just a written statement, but a central part of our company’s guiding principle. When our company was formed in 1978, it was simply a man in his garage with two trucks. It is from these roots that we have developed our commitment to small businesses of all sizes and with all types of owners.

We are committed to small businesses not because our contracts require it, but due to the fact K.J. Johnston wants to foster the growth of small contractors who have the capabilities, work ethic, and drive to be a successful part of a quality construction team, yet have trouble competing with enormous companies that seem to dominate the bidding landscape.

Interested in partnering up with us? Click here for more information, or call us at (412) 761-7073. We’re team players, and expect the same from our subcontractors. We apply creativity while remaining logic-driven. And we play great in the sandbox. Teamwork, fairness, honesty, integrity. That’s what captures our attention, because that’s who we are at KJJ.

Thank you. Now who’s ready to get to work? 🙂

–the KJJ crew